Junior Príma and Harangozó Gyula Award-winning dancer Ahmed Moussa and Judit Tóth founded Urban Verbunk and made a soul-strengthening clip for Easter. Young artists dance to a modernized version of one of the most famous Christian church songs, Kyrie eleison (Sir, have mercy!) In a completely new and exciting dance style, writes Magyar Nemzet.
On Easter, Urban Verbunk released a video with amazing and highly symbolic content.
The new production of a boldly innovative dance yet preserving our traditions, as the title of the song shows, encourages us to develop the soul power from ourselves.
The video was recorded weeks ago, when it could already be seen that in addition to the holiday, there would be other serious topicality of the production for Kyrie eleison (Sir, have mercy!).
The most talented young dancers from the Southern Great Plain, the Great Plain, Northern Hungary and Western Transdanubia have been trained for this world; and Urban Verbunk is the center responsible for innovation in national folk art.

Their motto:

Let folk dance be a national sport!

‘The poor man cooks with water’, so we pray by dancing to a world-famous Christian church song. Not only the situation caused by the virus, but also on the occasion of the celebration of rebirth, which was given by Kossuth Prize-winning singer András Berecz in the reworking of Miklós Szitha – draws the attention of Moussa Ahmed, the artistic director of Urban Verbunk.
In the video, the incomplete attire of the dancers, the aesthetics of the body symbolize purification, and the tricolor masks symbolize the faith of our compatriots … but we can also hear many other soul-strengthening messages from the frames.
Ahmed Moussa and Judit Tóth, the artistic director of Urban Verbunk, created a new Hungarian dance style.
Traditional movements are made even more attractive and spectacular with extreme elements such as the unique hand-dancing seen in the new clip, but the choreography also includes other revolutionary innovations.

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