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Their special show combines fire and water, earth and air on the same stage.
But how is this possible?

Well, with a pool filled with more than 2,500 litres of water, a flaming floor and sparking drumsticks, as well as a 40 square metre trampoline mat stretched out by nearly 350 steel springs.

About the show
… Forest fires, floods, air pollution, and industrial mining. We are in the final hours of the exploitation of the Earth, and the warning signs are becoming more and more pervasive in the daily life of the planet, yet we are not paying enough attention…
Though we live in a world governed by these 4 elements and are therefore endowed with four temperaments or emotional qualities.
Hot temper and serenity, desire for freedom and conformity, courage and fear… traits and actions that characterise each person in different ways. However, all people are the same in one aspect: no one can live without these 4 elements, but only by and in them.

One way or another…
With fiery rhythms in our veins, soaring high in the sky or swimming against the tide, we brave icy waves, hoping that one day our feet will land again…
Hoping that our grandchildren will have the same opportunity as well…

The performance will be fun for children, youth and adults alike and provide a meaningful learning experience at the same time.
Traditional folk dance in a modern theatre setting – this is URBAN VERBUNK.